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Cleavage Chronicles is an ever-evolving documentary film and live theater production celebrating women and their breasts.

It is the brainchild of multi-media writer/producer/director, Pam Ingalls.

"Come along and explore our site as we explore the never-before shared stories of women and men and the amazing breasts that connect us all."

Pamela Ingalls

The Cleavage Chronicles project began in 2008 after nearly a decade of writing, producing and directing instructional videos for the USDA WIC, Women, Infants and Children, program through the Texas Department of State Health Services. Taking a departure from the tradition training video productions, Pam set out to explore the uniquely individual, and ever changing relationship women have with their breasts throughout their lives. 

Much to her astonishment, women were willing to share their "boob stories." As a result, Pam has compiled these stories in a live stage production of Titillating and Touching Tales of Life, Love, Loss and Laughter.

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